Today’s News 今日のニュース 05/06/20【ENGLISH❗ & 日本語】


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  • Your English version help me to studying English very much. So I want to continue both version forever. You of course know most of Japanese aren’t good at listening English. Your English is very clear. Your English movie encourages us to study English more and more.

  • ライオン戦略についてですが 次にLongでマーケットに参入するSPYのレンジ指標、2番底の可能性の見解を教えて頂きたいです。

  • Thank you Dan very much. This is Mimi♡

    Thank you for answering my questions!

    You are very a reliable man! Very fantastic!(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

    Well・・I check the markets before doing trade every time like today,but it is difficult to find what should I do next.

    I mean what happened in the markets, what I should think and what I should be care in my trade,and so on.

    You will take youtube every day, please teach me in that point!

    Today you tell us about dalls index that is a very easy-to-understand explanation. And what is just tempolaly reaction,what is very important point and so on.

    That feeling is very helpfull to do Fx & stock index trade.

    Mimi has a very narrow fild of view in the market and trade,so I always think you are very smart.

    Next request is・・・

    You said before about a portfolio.

    I understand what is it but I couldn’t fall into a trap at all.

    That is a kind of hedge I understand but it is so difficult to do it.

    Nationai bonds ,Forigin bonds,National stocks Forigin stocks several foreign currency,metals and savings and so on.

    Too many item I should know, understand and check them.

    It is very difficult and annoy.

    However once something happen like economy crash,those are too complicated to control.

    Look this corona shock in the market, every portfolio has damaged.

    I understand personal Bonds and savings need not care immediately but any way difficult to control.

    So that is one reason why Japanese like Bank deposits.

    That the way to do portfolio is very typical opinion but I love to listen your opinion again.

    Today you talking about there are many tipe of hege, And I love to know more・・・


    Mimi is very grateful that Dan make Mimi very interested in the economy,society,finance.

    Making the trade sence is very important.

    Please be Mimi’s Master!! I love to see you!

    From Mimi

  • おすすめ頂いたJETSは15.51で売却しました。

  • Dan you are so humble. Thank you for giving us your expertise every day. Must be a lot of work.
    You can be a future Warren Buffet in Japan. What do you think? I think it’s a great idea!

  • 今日の動きは円高でしょう、日本のマネー市場供給が実質意的に米国や欧州より遅いから。

  • 今日もためになる動画ありがとうございました。

  • チャートがニュースからどのように動くかの解説がすばらしいです。世間のニュースは、不安をあおるニュースばかりで中々大事な情報を公表するメディアは少ないですね。いつも楽しみにしています。これからも応援してます。

  • Hello Mr. Takahashi,
    I appreciate you teaching me how to build a long-term portfolio. Your video is very informative.
    Hopefully I’d like to know your latest analysis about NY and other important things, before the Japanese stock market open.
    How about 5 minutes at 8:30? Have a nice day!