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■Dan Takahashi Profile

・Cornell University, Honors Magna Cum Laude
・Winner of 2019 Top100 People in Finance

Born in Tokyo, half-Japanese, half-American. Have lived in 6 countries and visited over 60 countries! Started investing at 12 years old, began Wall Street when 19, created hedge fund when 26, and sold company stake at 30 years old. I love nato beans & karaoke ❤

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  • 1:53 株式
    7:23 コモディティ
    9:04 その他(為替、債権)
    10:52 ニュース(中国インフレ率の下落、オーストラリアの景況感)
    14:09 視聴者の質問(リスクヘッジについて)
    16:30 アメリカのコロナウイルス新規感染者数

  • 今日の情報も、ありがとうございました。ダンさんのピンポイント、見事ですね。オーストラリアの情報、アメリカの感染者数など、よくわかりました。為替が、これから、どうなるか~ですね。

  • いつもありがとうごさいます。まとめの情報は大変ありがたいです。ところで質問ですが、コロナによってGDPの大幅減少が予想されますが、その割には株価の下落が小さいように思います。ダンさんの意見をお聞かせください。

  • Thank you, Dan.This is Mimi ♡
    It is helpful that you talk about the relation between HIS and SHSZ300.We aren’t custom to these.And MXAP nether.

    This morning (13rh May),Every USA stock index tumbled, Daw and SP500 and so on.

    And the Dow Index chart looks like making the H &S or the box between 24800 to 22900.

    Now I think the box > the H&S. Because the chart of the SP500 still goes up form.

    But any way it seems we had better have the hedge, right?

    By the way please say in English when you are talking about economic indicator.

    Sorry but your Japanese is not right, we confuse.

    If you say both in English and Japanese, I will correct and recognize it.

    See you (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

    From Mimi♡

  • I appreciate it.
    I’ve been very interested in watching your video over the last two months from Canada. I am convinced that your investment commentary and the approach of providing more information beyond that are fresh and exactly what Japan needs today. It will be an opportunity to broaden their horizons to Japanese people who are not interested in other than Japan and to know more about being Japanese. People have lost their minds and thought that money has been very valuable in Japan for the past 30 years (of course, there are many great people with good virtue, but they are decreasing). I’ll be watching carefully that your video will have a positive impact on the people you watch. Eat a lot of natto, maintain good health, do your best in Tokyo, and lead Japan in a good direction.